Monday, March 7, 2011

Hi, I'm Andi, and I am the worst blogger on the planet....

Time flies, I'll tell ya what!!!  It has been almost a year since my last post.  I'm horrible.  I always say that my blog is Facebook, however not all of my friends are on there so I supposed I should be just as good at blogging as I am at facebooking.
Not a whole lot has happened really.  Jamie is in 7th grade. He continues to keep his grades up, all of his teachers absolutely love him. He has made it a point to become friends with each of them.  There is one in particular who is new to his school this year and he makes sure that everyday he says hi to her whether he is with his friends or not.  He is GROWING at a crazy fast rate.  He is now only five inches shorter than his dad who stands 6'1''. He is going to be a giant!!! He is such a good brother, he does everything he can to help his sister when necessary.  They are so close. Best friends really.  I hope and pray everyday that they keep that relationship forever.
Ciara was recently taken off Orencia because it wasn't working.  Her Rheumatologist started her on another IV med called Actemra.  This med has to be administered every two weeks. and has to be run over a four hour period! That makes for a very long day for both of us!  It also makes her very tired so pretty much she sleeps the rest of the day away afterward.  Poor Kid!!  She is such a sweet girl!  In the last six months or so she has gone from "if I brush my hair after my shower, I'm doing good" to "I can't leave the house without doing my hair".  She has such a unique sense of style!  She likes everything from skull and cross bones to flowers, fairies, peace signs and everything in between.  She is still involved in girl scouts and loves it.  Her troop leader is moving  to Texas at the end of this years season so we will have to find another troop close.  We will miss Jollene terribly.  I have become pretty good  friends with her.
Jim is still an assistant store director. He still has a love/hate relationship with it! Ha ha .He and I will be celebrating our 14th year of marriage next week.  I love him more than he knows.  He's my JimmyLou!
I am still a CNA at IMC.  I love my Co-Workers!  I don't think I have ever had as many friends at work as I do now. I am also playing Kitchen Beautician meaning I go to peoples houses and do their hair.  I am still seeking a salon Job. One will come along soon.....I hope!!!!

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